Partner, VP Sales & Marketing

DavidHainesWith Technology experience spanning three decades, David Haines has been a leader in working with clients to identify and implement technology change to drive business benefit. He has always demonstrated a consultative style to understand client challenges and provide creative ways to solve their technology and business problems. David has consistently over-achieved in delivering world-class customer success in both Australian and US top 100 corporations, including Telstra (Australia’s largest Telco), Mercury Interactive, Hewlett Packard and VMware. His ability to create senior executive relationships at both the C-suite and Board levels speaks to the value David has consistently delivered throughout his career.

In his capacity as a Partner and VP of Sales & Marketing at Proven IT Finance, and with his background in complex enterprise IT solutions, David is focused on growing recognition of Proven IT Finance’s unique and industry-leading IT Financial Management service offerings, and leading a transformation in the industry through widespread adoption of IT Financial Management as a Service – Proven IT Finance’s unique Business Process as a Service!