It's time to prove that IT is not an isolated department.

Presenting the financial ecosystem of IT gives the CIO unique leverage in business-wide budgeting conversations, where IT leaders are frequently asked to reduce costs while improving capabilities. To demonstrate the value of IT, IT leaders must speak the language of the business while providing contextual insight into IT services:


By articulating IT capabilities with cost-benefit-value concepts, IT leadership demonstrates how current IT investments enable business delivery and link the value of new IT capabilities and solutions to real business results. That's the kind of language that drives decisions in boardroom.

Proven IT Finance gives you unparalleled insight into the affect of IT on the business results.

Proven IT Finance performs deep levels of analysis to create intelligent, metric-based insight into the benefits and business value of IT capabilities.  When IT leaders partner with Proven IT Finance, they gain credibility in the eyes of budget makers:

  • Strategies to pinpoint core cost drivers and revenue generators within the business
  • Predictive modeling to prove the impact of new IT capabilities to the revenue of the business
  • Demonstrate the business-wide impact of decisions to reduce IT budgets
  • Financial Management tactics to align IT services with business drivers
  • Tools to uncover meaningful metrics within the IT delivery process
  • Guidance into telling a contextual story of IT
  • Transparent processes to show the true cost of IT deliverables

Let us help you link IT to the general ledger.

Boardroom leaders rely on context to make decisions based off information and data. By articulating the cost, value, and benefits of IT capabilities, IT leaders can lead the right conversations about the true expenses and worth of IT capabilities and solutions.

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