Tired of footing the bill? Let us show you how to split the tab.

Proven IT Finance offers an innovative cost alignment model that helps foster the right conversations between IT and the business.  By clearly separating the drivers of costs from the drivers of demand it becomes instantly clear why the bill is changing.  Setting up the right cost alignment model can significantly increase margins and improve performance markers for the whole company. This level of awareness helps IT run its operations as a service driven by real business demand.


There are a number of ways to move money across business units. Whether it is tiered pricing, negotiated pricing, measured usage, straight allocations or some combination, Proven IT Finance helps you sort through the myriad of choices to provide the right alignment model or combination of models for your specific needs. We offer the tools and practitioner’s experience to streamline your process and mature your methodologies.

Create a greater level of awareness about your consumption.

We allow your organization to run IT like a service by clearly showing each department's consumption for each use of services. The result produces a greater level of awareness about consumption and IT cost drivers as well as an appreciation for the cost-value relationships of the wide variety of services provided by IT. We help the business:

  • Increase awareness of your IT burden and consumption
  • Control IT cost drivers
  • Better predict costs and revenues while preparing them to become more proactive in forward thinking
  • Organize data for more effective communication and cost allocation

Shift control back into your hands.

Proven IT Finance works with C-level IT executives to shift cost control measures back to their hands. Through the use of sophisticated and specialized IT products and services, Proven IT Finance sets the framework for how to set up benchmarks and monitor progress improvements.

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