Proven IT Finance uncovers where the business is throwing away hard earned money, and identifies game-changing solutions.

Every business has them – outdated IT processes that discreetly bleed money from the organization. Often time, these revenue-robbing culprits are hiding in plain sight – but IT leaders often don’t have the luxury of sifting through piles of data and metrics to pinpoint the guilty process or service.

Our unique process to expense reduction leverages meaningful data to make smart decisions.


Through iterative data gathering, Proven IT Finance can deliver a crystal clear analysis of how flawed IT processes are affecting the profit of the business at large. But it doesn’t stop there – we also identify money-maximizing solutions that will have the C-suite singing the praises of the revenue-generating IT department.

Let us help you get rid of revenue-robbing culprits by systematically working to:

  • Pin-point cost-sucking processes and outdated IT delivery model functions that are robbing the department of time and money
  • Identify how service differentiation can drive cost structure improvements
  • Identify procurement processes that are driving additional IT costs

Outdated processes might not be your fault, but they are definitely your expense.

Often, flawed IT processes exist simply due to the absence of critical data. Measuring the right data and identifying the right opportunities can be challenging - which is exactly why Proven IT Finance exists. Let us step to help you reduce cost and identify opportunities to deliver IT more cost effectively.

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