We show you exactly how IT performs across every inch of the business.

Proven IT Finance will dive into complex data to create an organized overview of how IT is being consumed by the business and its many departments giving the IT leader access to powerful information that provides context to drive a better IT conversation.


Using an iterative process equips IT leadership with powerful insights to make impactful IT decisions that positively affect the overall goals of the business. By clearly identifying the cost drivers of IT, IT leadership can effectively partner with business unit decision makers to determine what IT costs are most important to the organization.

The reality is that every budget decision, every investment decision, every purchase decision made at the IT level affects the overall bottom line of the business.

As the IT leader, you know that – but how do you articulate it the decision makers in the business? It starts with creating transparency in the way the department measures its goals and articulates its costs. With advanced analytical tools and an iterative approach to decision-making, we empower you to create a clear and robust IT financial plan as we:

  • Analyze mounds of data to provide you with insight into how IT is consumed across the business
  • Pinpoint the core cost drivers of IT from both consumption and demand
  • Show clearly where your IT spend is going as it moves across departments through the lens of supply and demand
  • Provide evidence toward the value of IT in increasing customer satisfaction and retention
  • Deliver consistent analysis to enhance decision making and prevent the expensive risk of underinvesting or wastefulness of over provisioning
  • Identify how IT decisions at the budget level affect the bottom line

Knowing where to focus starts with transparency.

Through our proven transparency driven process, IT leadership replaces uncertainty and vague assumptions with smart, robust decisions based on consistent and contextual data. Let us help you own the budget in a way you’ve never thought possible!

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