Proven IT Finance helps you to identify the core levers to manage IT decisions.

Business leaders make decisions based off context rather than raw data. The IT leader must be equipped to interpret scenarios with a contextual process that enables the budget leaders to make revenue-generating decisions surrounding the IT spend.


With the appropriate levers in place to manage IT requests and scenarios, the IT leader enables the business to make smart financial decisions impacting the department.

Win the budget battles by pulling the right levers.

It's the responsibility of the IT leader to deliver on the expectations of the budget makers. Through the framework of balancing fixed, semi-discretionary and fully discretionary IT costs, Proven IT Finance builds management levers that allow the IT leader to properly:

  • Identify the leader with the authority to make a particular decision
  • Compile the raw data necessary for the requested decision
  • Provide the decision maker with the insights gleaned from the raw data
  • Communicate the context of the decision at hand
  • Determine how long the decision will take to implement
  • Predict the cost-impact of the decision

The Proven IT Finance management process not only delivers on the expectations of the boardroom, but creates new insights with which to make better IT budgeting decisions that are in alignment with company culture and values.

Take back control of your IT budget.

At Proven IT Finance, we help Business and IT executives identify IT costs they influence in a timely and meaningful way. By clearly understanding what IT expenditures are worth protecting, and even growing versus opportunities to reduce costs, Proven IT Finance empowers leader:s across the organization to develop reasonable and responsible IT budgets.  Strong IT financial processes equip the right decision makers with informed IT spend options that positively impact the business at large.

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