Success begins with knowing exactly where to focus.

IT is critical to the success of a company now more than ever. With an effective ITFM process in place, you can identify, understand, communicate and manage IT value with the business.

Understanding IT cost is necessary for every business, at every stage of the journey.

In today's marketplace, implementing an ITFM process is no longer an option - it is a competitive requirement. A well designed ITFM process will enable IT leadership to provide the business with:

The idea that an organization should manage its IT spend is not a new concept. What is new are the techniques, tools, and processes that enable a relevant and meaningful conversation about the value expectations the organization has of the IT investments it is making.

Smart decisions and investments start here.

Assessing how you stack up provides clear direction on precisely the next capability that will generate the best return for your organization. Your business knows it, your competitors know it, and you know it. Proven IT Finance gives businesses a clear process to evolving the IT department into a problem-solving, expense-reducing, revenue-generating arm of the business.

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