Meaningful IT Stakeholder Reporting for Enterprise IT Financial Management [SLIDES]

Stakeholder Reporting Slides

At ITFMA’s Financial World of Technology 2016 conference, I delivered a presentation around the hot-button topic of stakeholder IT reporting design.

Stakeholder reports are, of course, crucial to the evolution of your ITFM capabilities. Executives and business leaders often make financial and operational decisions without a clear understanding of how those decisions will impact the business’s P&L, ability to provide service, or future growth.

Meaningful IT stakeholder reports are not as simple as pulling data points and assembling charts and graphs. It’s imperative to construct a strategic framework to create and deliver the right types of IT financial reports that drive decision making that will evolve the business.

How do you do that?

In my presentation, How To Create Engaging, Meaningful, Needle-Moving Stakeholder Reporting, I share how to create a mature stakeholder IT reporting process. I pull out three key reporting methodologies that are absolutely essential to reporting success:

#1 – Understand Your Stakeholders

As the IT professional, it’s your job to articulate the story of IT to the business leaders. To do that well, you need to understand their world. What are their priorities? Their responsibilities? What are the goals they are trying to accomplish?

Identifying and understanding your stakeholders will enable you to design reporting that tells a meaningful, consistent story.

#2 – Deliver Insights To Stakeholders

Move beyond simply transferring data and information—and into a process of providing context and articulating insight to convey the value that IT delivers to the organization.

Build a framework to identify analytics you need to capture, as well as insights you need to provide to drive stakeholder education. This will help you create meaningful needle-moving stakeholder IT reporting, as well as use your time efficiently.

#3 – Own Your IT Messaging

What are the three things every stakeholder within your organization should know about IT? From service owner, to controllership, to business unit, to IT board subcommittee—identify the three most important things every stakeholder needs to hear consistently about IT.

Define your ITFM message and stick to it. Enforce your principles and be consistent across every level of stakeholder.

Take A Step To Mature Your Stakeholder Reporting

A mature IT reporting capability enables ITFM professionals to have rapid response reporting and analytics to support critical conversations in the C-suite. Find out how to design this type of reporting process by downloading my slides from ITFMA.

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