Whitepaper: The Blueprint for IT Financial Management Success

Read this IT financial management playbook to building a successful enterprise-level ITFM capability.

Inside, you’ll learn: What it takes to build a credible, repeatable, defensible, scalable ITFM capability; the 3 talking points you need to win the allegiance of business stakeholders; the secret to creating forward-thinking IT reports that steer conversations in your favor; how to align IT financial and operational activities to the bigger picture.

The Blueprint for Success, outlined in the following pages of this white paper, is the brainchild of ProvenIT Finance.

Carefully developed and refined over years of “real-world” IT financial management practice within Fortune 500, Fortune 100 and Fortune 10 environments, the blueprint provides CFOs, CIOs and ITFM leaders a consistent framework that ensures success when applied within an organization. The blueprint is a definition of the IT Financial Management practice as a whole.

When layered against an organization’s processes and business decisions, it empowers leaders to diagnose the root cause of challenged IT Financial Management implementations.

About The Author: William Miller
Founding Partner @ Proven IT Finance

William Miller is one of the premier IT Financial Management gurus. With more than 15 years of ITFM experience, he brings the distinctive perspective of IT savvy combined with financial insight. He has helped dozens of IT organizations address the fundamental challenges of demonstrating their cost drivers, showing business value, and aligning strategic goals. Bill is a founding partner and principal consultant at Proven IT Finance.

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