Knowledge18 Recap: Interest in ITFM Capabilities Is Surging

Coming off last week’s ServiceNow Knowledge18 conference, it must be said that IT Financial Management, as well as the broader ITBM suite of PPM and APM, are experiencing an unprecedented surge in interest and in need.

The breadth of interest in ITFM and the potential of leveraging the ServiceNow Financial Management module among conference attendees was incredible. The number of companies identifying IT Financial Management as a primary and urgent need in 2018 was at an all-time high. 

Associate a dollar sign with an investment, and interest in the investment among stakeholders immediately skyrockets.

We believe that both the relative maturity of service management as well as the overall high success rates with other aspects of ServiceNow have increased the confidence level of the potential for ITFM success using the Financial Management (FM) module. In our work, we have seen where the insights provided by the other aspects of the ServiceNow ITBM suite have much greater influence and impact when the context is monetized.

So now what? Getting started with the ServiceNow FM module has never been easier.  With a proven approach and numerous successful FM module implementations, Proven IT Finance has both the experience and the capability to help deliver success.  Regardless of your maturity, data sets, or internal capabilities, a properly configured FM module can drive a new level of insight and can enable a heightened level of IT decision making.

Event logo: Knowledge18/ May 7-10 2018 - Las Vegas