Guiding Principles for an ITFM Practice

Proven IT Finance believes that guiding principles ensure that the ITFM practice remains aligned to the Enterprise. They are the guardrails for the practice itself and bring consistency, focus, and rigor to strategic planning and effective IT Financial Management. PITF purposefully created and recommends these principles:

1: Repeatable: The ITFM Practice processes are consistently repeatable.

2: Scalable: The ITFM Practice, process, and tools can scale to support as broad a set of IT services as desired.

3: Sustainable: ITFM processes and capabilities built can be maintained through service, system, and business changes AND the data sets required to produce meaningful outcomes can be obtained on regular intervals.

4: Defensible: The ITFM processes, cost alignment methods, cost model, and data sets can be explained in a meaningful and understandable way. The data can be audited and validated.

5: Credible: The result of a Repeatable, Scalable, Sustainable, Defensible ITFM practice is a broad, organizational trust in the outcomes and insights of the process.

6: Decisionable: The presentation of the ITFM practice outcomes show “decision levers” that, when acted on, respond to that action in a reasonable amount of time.

PITF recommends that you use all six of these guiding principles to build effective guardrails. If you revisit these principles as you build, launch, and mature your ITFM Practice, you will drive discipline AND differentiate value-driven outcomes.

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