Top 5 Tech Cities

According to a report by SmartAsset’s, moving to San Francisco or New York isn’t necessary for those working in tech. Finding a lucrative job with great benefits in a city with a lower cost of living will give these professionals more bang for their buck. The following cities are considered the best cities to live in for tech workers on the basis of average salary, average cost of living, tech employment concentration, unemployment rate, and ratio of average pay to tech pay. A majority of cities were also featured on last year’s report, suggesting that they may be growing non-coastal tech hubs.

1: Columbus, OH

Percent of workforce in tech: 4.21%
Average salary: $92,440
Ratio of tech wage to average wage: 1.80
Cost of living index: 90.9
Unemployment rate: 2.3%
Overall index: 100.00

2: Dallas, TX

3: Raleigh, NC

4: Cedar Rapids, IA

5: Davenport, IA

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