Government IT Modernization Summit

Join us for the 5th Government IT Modernization event from July 29 – 31 in Washington D.C.! You will hear how top federal and state executives are capitalizing on the renewed momentum to boost the efficiency, performance, and security of their top agencies’ IT systems.

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Speakers include:

  • William Miller, Founding Partner, Principal Consultant, Proven IT Finance
  • Craig Hollenbeck, Founding Partner, Principal Consultant, Proven IT Finance
  • Frank Konieczny, Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Air Force
  • Dorothy Aronson, Chief Information Officer, National Science Foundation
  • Gwanhoo Lee, Professor of IT and Analytics, American University, and more!

Be live in person for Proven IT’s bootcamp on: Achieving Agency Insights Leveraging Technology Business Management (TBM)

From industry leaders, William Miller and Craig Hollenbeck of Proven IT Finance, learn about a proven method and process to build and launch an effective TBM practice.  You will gain practical insights into:

  • A tool-agnostic Best in Class TBM approach you can adapt to your specific organization in addition to solving the TBM mandate
  • Building a TBM strategy for an iterative, automated, maturable solution to manage IT costs in the Federal Government funding model
  • Reporting and analytics for IT costs, cost drivers, and ROI transparency
  • Improving communications with stakeholders on decision levers that impact how to contain, reduce and/or optimize IT investments

See what can be done to provide visibility of your IT investment, insights and decision options for leaders, accountability where it should be, and effective compliance with TBM mandates.  Run IT like a Business.  (and we will even define what that means)!

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All active federal, military, and government employees attend at no cost. Vendors receive 20% off with code: GOVIT19_Sponsor. Save your pass here: