July ITFMA Conference

Proven IT Finance attended the ITFMA Conference in San Antonio, TX on July 15-17. Bryan Morland and Nicholas Reade of Proven IT Finance presented on:

  • An IT Planning Process That Makes Leaders Understand, Make Decisions, and Own Their Numbers
  • How to Communicate Better with Your Stakeholders
  • Driving Transparency and Decisioning Through IT Planning
  • Public Sector Entities Don’t Fit the Typical Commercial ITFM Delivery Model, They Need a Different Approach

Bryan and Nick felt more pre-conference workshop attendees participated in the main conference than ever before, and there was a strong feeling of purpose that permeated the event. People are increasingly focused on how to tell their IT Value Story ™: What is the ROI of IT spend and how does that become transparent to the stakeholder?

Bryan felt a lot of discussion centered around how software doesn’t solve all of your problems. He noted, “We were able to really get them thinking about the process they have in play and the goals that they want to accomplish. Then how do those get put into the software.” Nick mentioned the importance of companies not being handcuffed but having handrails to help guide them to their end goal. The sessions PITF hosted helped attendees refine a sense of purpose and vision for a company, Bryan stated, “When you’re responsible for a group of people, you have to be able to cast that vision so people know what parameters to work on and what goals are needed…Establishing a vision that matches IT’s goals are critical.”

Proven IT Finance can help you establish your ITFM vision and craft your IT Value Story™.  Build or refine an ITFM practice that drives IT cost transparency and creates strategic IT investment options for better business decisioning.