Understand the Value of IT to Drive Better Business Decisions

Constantly asked to justify IT spend?

You want ITFM / TBM practitioners with unmatched IT and Finance experience who empower your practice. What you need is a team who can meet you where you are and move you to a consistent, repeatable, value dialogue with your business.

How it Works

Our experts design and deliver an industry standard solution adapted for your IT delivery and FM capability. From a collaborative assessment of your targeted needs and end goal, we hone, facilitate, educate, and communicate an approach that drives insight to the value IT delivers. Industry leading IT Finance consultants equip you to make the Value of IT transparent in a way YOUR leaders will understand and leverage.

Why Prescriptive Delivery 

  • A TBM tool is not an ITFM practice
  • Practitioner approach uses your tool to build a scalable maturable ITFM Capability
  • Proven Blueprint for ITFM Success – a holistic approach built on technology and business operational realities
  • Transparency into your ITFM Practice and its valuable impact on your business
  • A proven Industry Standard Solution tailored to your business

What You Can Get

  • Thorough ITFM / TBM capabilities and competency assessment against your end goal and industry recognized framework
  • Strategic Capability Build roadmap to drive tactical and business value
  • Best Practices plan grounded in operational reality so your team can implement and mature confidently and successfully
  • Access to meaningful data to drive Insights Stakeholder reporting – relevant information to the right levels
  • Supported leadership through effective value communication

Why Our Clients Love Us

After implementing the cost model designed by Proven IT Finance, I was able to use the results to negotiate significant savings from Cisco on licensing fees.ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR, IT & CORPORATE SERVICES FINANCE,