Sync IT Investments to Business Goals

Struggling to articulate the value that IT investments deliver to the overall business?
Want to manage IT like a well-run business?
Don’t have years to develop the unique skill sets required to drive change?

ITFM / TBM software, spreadsheets and BI tools won’t cut it! What you need is a strategic and proven framework, expert practitioners who know what they’re talking about and customized outputs that help you tell the right stories to the right people at the right times.

How it Works

Value Insights® is an ITFM as a Service solution that provides a consistent reporting framework for your stakeholders to evaluate and communicate the value of IT Services in supporting the Business. This comprehensive process supports monthly, quarterly and ad hoc ITFM needs with Service-Based and Departmental reporting.

Why Value Insights®

  • Proven framework to make high impact IT decisions
  • Full value of ITFM / TBM software without the pain of ongoing management
  • Intricate IT considerations simplified
  • Access to industry recognized team of IT and Financial experts
  • Avoidance of discrete software license costs

What You Can Get

  • Best-practices and decision-based cost model design
  • Consistent framework & messaging to communicate the value of IT
  • Reporting that breaks down complex IT investments into consumable, usable data
  • Decisioning and supporting analytics / reporting tailored by stakeholder
  • Forecast & Planning
  • Data to support leaders making informed decisions

Why Our Clients Love Us

“The Proven IT Finance Managed Service captures the true economic model of IT delivery and the reports accurately show where you have levers to make changes that will have economic impact.” Lead Gartner CIO Analyst